• Introducing Veovo
    the Predictive Collaboration Platform for brilliant airport operations

  • Airport Revenue Generation Award Winners

  • Better Management of Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues

  • Capture data at detailed transactional level for richer performance analysis

  • Efficient commercial contract management, revenue calculation and billing with possible integration to ERP

  • Improve controls, auditing and monitoring with an automated concessionaire sales data collection process

  • Maximise and boost airport non-aeronautical revenues

  • Combine concessionaire sales data with flight information, passenger flow and people counting for more meaningful analysis

  • Control.

Control, Manage and Boost Concession-Based Revenues.

Concessionaire Analyzer+ enables airports and shopping malls to strategically manage and sustainably increase non-aeronautical revenues. Using comprehensive data collection methods to suit a variety of business needs, its Business Intelligence engine can analyse concessionaire sales data in depth to provide unprecedented insight into your commercial operations. CA+ also caters for commercial contract management to automate revenue calculation and billing with speed and efficiency.


Control, manage and boost non-aeronautical revenues through the automated collection of concession sales data, contract management, revenue calculation, billing and a BI platform integrated with flight and passenger info for richer performance analysis.



Control, manage and boost concession-based revenues through the
automated collection of concession sales data and better management
of loyalty schemes for improved profiling, communications,
marketing and more.


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Quito International Airport

Quito International Airport (Mariscal Sucre), Ecuador, has chosen CA+ solution to better manage concessionaires and increase non-aeronautical revenues.


London City Airport

London City Airport (LCY) has chosen the leading Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) software solution to manage its non-aeronautical operations.