About CA Plus Limited

CA+ is developed entirely by CA Plus Ltd, a member of the Shireburn Software Group, a group with a 33 year track record in the business software sector, working across the globe, and with a current team of 45 full time staff.

CA Plus is headquartered in Malta at the prestigious SkyParks Business Centre at Malta International Airport; strategically located within the EMEA region to service customers across all time zones. We specialise in assisting clients to identify improvement opportunities in their business processes and address them through the development and application of software solutions.

CA+ forms part of the Gentrack Airports Group following the recent acquisition of CA Plus Ltd. Apart from CA+, the Gentrack Solutions for Airports include two other leading airport solutions.

  1. Airport 20/20Airport 20/20  – Airport Operations Systems and Revenue Management suite   I   Billing, FIDS, RMS, AODB, CDM. Airport 20/20 provides seamless data exchange and real time information clarity with flexible billing, resource management, intelligent FIDS and airport wide stakeholder decision-making.
  2. BlipTrackBlipTrack – Queue and Flow Management   I   Optimised Passenger Handling. BlipTrack is designed to optimise all stages of passenger handling and improve commercial areas within airports. This includes Queue Management, Flow Management and Capacity Forecasting.

Since implementing its first airport non-aeronautical sector project in 2006, CA+ has developed into the global leader of solutions that assist airports in controlling, managing and boosting non-aeronautical revenues.

CA+ has been implemented in a number of airports and shopping centres around the world, all of varying sizes and complexity. View a portfolio of our current projects here >>

CA Plus are serial exhibitors at international airport related events, speakers at conferences on this topic and the moderators of the Airport non-aeronautical Revenues group on LinkedIn.  CA+ is considered to be the global thought leader in this field. To view upcoming events where you can meet the team, click here >>

Click here for more about the CA+ product range related to both airports and shopping malls or get in touch for more information.