The CA+ Airport Performance Solution

CA+ is designed to act as an airport performance driver enabling airports to analyse and maximise all non-aeronautical revenue streams.

It enables airports to better manage their concessions, replacing much manual input of data currently done using Excel and email. It allows airports to control, manage, analyse and boost their non-aeronautical revenues, providing a platform for airports to efficiently manage commercial and property contracts, calculate revenues and bill concessions.

In addition, airports can also automate the process of collecting sales data from concessionaires, and use a BI platform to analyse sales and revenue patterns in order to boost performance.

Through its extensive integration mechanisms, sales data can be seamlessly captured, analysed, audited and used to generate automated reports. This allows airports to easily assess and understand trends including spending by passenger, carrier, route, day, time and location whilst giving insight into the impact of external events such as delays and gate changes.

The rich BI capabilities enable airports to better understand retail flows to optimise the retail mix, and undertake more effective negotiations with both carriers and concessionaires. It also provides facilities to maintain concessionaire contracts that include complex revenue share schemes, minimum guarantees, rents and other charges, as well as issuing bills to concessionaires with minimal administrative effort.

CA+ is a role-based application, allowing users to see only the data they have been authorised to access.

CA+ enables airports to:

  • Audit and control sales data, preventing under-reporting issues
  • Obtain more detailed analysis
  • Improve measurement and analysis of performance to drive revenue improvements
  • Improve understanding of sales patterns and trends in order to boost airport performance
  • Benchmark, monitor and optimise performance of concessions, products, routes and terminals
  • Improve resource allocation – re-focus team from data collection to analysis
  • Deploy greater agility to trends
  • Assess impact of promotions and digital advertising within the airport
  • Monitor budgets real-time
  • More accurately predict future trends and planning
  • Improve negotiations with airlines and concessions
  • Improve flexibility of commercial contracts and automate airport billing to concessionaires