The CA+ Airport Performance Solution

The importance of non-aeronautical revenues is a worldwide phenomenon, and the significant manual effort required to manage concessions and analyse sales and performance data often results in lost opportunities for airports.

Airports experience universal issues worldwide, and CA+ is designed to help simplify some of these management processes.

  • Automate concession sales data collection
  • Provide real time, detailed insight on performance
  • Manage complexity of concession contracts
  • Improve controls and auditing of non-aero sector
  • Assist concessions to improve their own performance

CA+ is a software solution that enables airports to optimise non-aeronautical sales and enhance revenue management. CA+ offers data capture automation and analytics-driven insight, allowing airports to track performance and work with concessions to improve.

CA+ automates the collection of sales data from concessionaires, manages billing and revenue shares, and uses this information to extract business intelligence and analyse sales patterns and performance.

Airports can therefore better understand sales patterns with the aim to maximise performance.

A Modular Solution providing a Holistic Approach to Non-Aeronautical Revenue Management