Concessionaire Sales Data Collection

Collecting accurate, detailed and timely sales data is fundamental to truly understanding an airport’s non-aeronautical sector. It provides the data required to analyse any activity, report on performance and bill concessionaires.

CA+ fully automates the sales data capture process, enhancing airport efficiency and boosting non-aertonautical revenues. CA+ accomplishes this in a number of different ways, allowing both airport and concessionaires to apply the best solution for each particular setup.

Prior to deploying CA+, most airports receive retail sales data from concessionaires on a monthly basis, lacking the required details to carry out any meaningful analysis. Moreover, significant effort goes into chasing concessionaires who are late with their data submissions resulting in increased overhead. The reported sales are then compiled using complex Excel spreadsheets to work out the fees due to the airport by concessionaires.

CA+ fully automates the data capture process, enhancing airport efficiency and timescales, exponentially boosting non-aeronautical revenues.

Benefits of Automated Sales Data Collection

  • Increase accuracy of sales data.
  • Increase detail by collecting transactional sales data for richer analysis.
  • Increase control and auditing of sales data.
  • Increase effectiveness with real time sales data collection.
  • Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets for analysis.
  • Increase efficiency. Minimise manual effort, chasing concessions for data

Data Collection Methods

Our varied data collection methods allow airports to choose different methods for different concessions, running simultaneously within the same airport.

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