CA+ Capture

Capturing concessionaire data has never been easier. With an extensive compatibility list that ensures consistency without replacing existing POS systems, CA+ Capture can start collecting transactional sales data straight away with minimal setup and configuration.

CA+ Capture is a software-solution with an economical footprint that can be installed on a variety of POS systems to capture sales data. Moreover CA+ Capture can handle any language and character set, making deployment easy and fast.

Data is automatically captured real-time, giving you the necessary tools to change commercial and marketing strategies on the go and maximise revenue-generation.

CA+ CaptureCA+ Capture also enables airports to scan boarding passes at the concessionaire’s POS, even when they do not have this capability built into their own tills.

This allows sales to be tagged to particular flights, providing even richer sales data analysis.

In addition, CA+ Capture can also be configured to prompt POS operators with a series of pre-defined questions in order to profile the customer making the sale. These can be based on a number of attributes such as nationality, gender and age.

CA+Capture_receiptCA+ Capture