CA+ POS is a fully functional airport POS system with separate versions covering Retail and Catering establishments. Compatible with CA+ right out of the box, it features a customisable display to ensure efficient check-outs, marketing campaigns including promotions and customers schemes, as well as access and control mechanisms amongst  many other features.

Designed with airports in mind, CA+ POS can also cater for:

  • Flight data integration
  • Boarding pass scanning
  • Airside/Landside configuration per POS for flight information data
  • Destination-dependent pricing and/or tax
  • CA+ POSAirline voucher management, receipting, reconciliation and reporting
  • Staff sales recording and reporting

Already widely deployed in several airports, CA+ POS has proved itself to be a true workhorse with years of development behind its belt.

Should a concessionaire already have an inventory system in place, CA+ POS and CA+ offer an interface to upload stock information including SKUs, descriptions, prices as well as downloading sales data affected on that CA+ POS.