Data Monitoring, Validation, Auditing and Control

CA+ enables airports to easily monitor the frequency of data upload by concessionaires. A traffic light system is used to enable airports to quickly identify due or late submissions from concessionaires. CA+ reports this by highlighting submissions received on time in green , those due in amber, and late submissions in red. This gives airport staff an overview of the situation at a quick glance, enabling them to act and rectify the situation in a timely manner. The system also caters for different submission frequencies for different concessions.

Submission of non-aeronautical sales data using any of the methods within CA+ is subject to stringent validation rules to ensure data consistency and accuracy. Validation criteria include measures against double entries, incorrect totals, future dates, invalid stock cards or tax codes and negative values amongst others. CA+ also validate the data type, field length and mandatory fields.

Should data not conform to the CA+ specifications, it is rejected, allowing concessionaires to fix their data format and re-submit. All uploads are logged and audited.

The fully automated data capture methods within CA+ also enable airports to better audit and control the sales that are currently reported to them, especially in cases where concession under-reporting is suspected. This enables airports to better control and audit all reported sales, mitigating under-reporting issues and any system abuse that might be taking place.