Property and Utilities Management

The CA+ Property and Utilities Management is designed to enable airports to better manage property leases covering office space, counter tops, aircraft hangers, stores and other types of properties. CA+ provides the tools to allow airport property managers to improve automation and fully maximize the potential of this revenue source, and in addition, increase efficiency in the management and billing of utilities such as water and electricity as well as services such as communications feeds.

CA+ Property Management ModuleProperty Contract

The CA+ Property Management Module allows airports to manage the leasing of space that is based on rent, usually per square metre, entirely automating the:

  • Management of commercial contract terms and rent rules, including storage of lease agreements
  • Calculation of rent due based on the commercial terms in the contract
  • Generation of billing to property tenants
  • Provision of reporting and auditing
  • Available space analysis

This greatly reduces manual intervention related to management, billing and reporting, but additionally provides a more secure and auditable process and an approach which is more sustainable in the long term. A notification system also notifies property managers when a contract is due to expire.

CA+ is designed to be configurable to manage all types of airport properties such as:

  • Offices
  • Hangars
  • Stores
  • Car Hire Booths
  • and more

CA+ Utilities and Services Module

The CA+ Utilities and Services Module enables airports to more efficiently manage and bill utilities and services to tenants. These may include water and electricity based on meter readings, wifi based on usage, voip calls based on readings and much more.

The system provides the facilities for airport property managers to:

  • Manage service term contracts
  • Import readings from a number of different sources and meters
  • Generate billing to tenants based on such readings, issue invoices, integrating with airport ERP
  • Provide reporting

Some of the most common utilities and services managed by CA+ are:

  • Water or more detailed rates for hot, cold or second class water
  • Electricity with peak and non-peak rates
  • VOIP
  • Wifi
  • Fibre Optic Cables