Solution Architecture

CA+ is built to meet the demands and challenges airports face in the non-aeronautical sector. To this end CA+ is built on an architecture that is designed to meet and exceed the exigencies of commercial teams, providing an architecture that is scalable, secure and seamless in its integration and operation.

  • Scalable
    CA+ has a very flexible design allowing it to scale from small airports to major international hubs. Its modular design allows airports to subscribe to the features they need, making it cost-effective and resource efficient.
  • Seamless
    CA+ can be easily installed without any modifications to the existing infrastructure. This means that existing Point-of-Sales, networks, servers and applications don’t need to be changed to accommodate CA+. Data collection is completely transparent to the user, ensuring data collection strategies are upheld at all times.
  • Secure
    CA+ uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for your peace of mind whilst its role-based access system ensures everybody sees just what they need to see to get their job done.


CA+ can be installed in a variety of environments, allowing customers to choose what best fits their business needs. The modularity CA+ offers allows a flexible approach, with a number of solutions available to meet the varying demands different setups require.

Local – CA+ can be installed locally within your existing environment

Cloud – Our cloud infrastructure is fast, and scalable without compromising on speed. What this allows us to do is offer a service that is right for your business without any of the overhead more rigid systems tend to carry and flexible enough to meet any requirements, even when they change.

Hybrid – CA+ Hybrid avails itself of the flexibility CA+’s infrastructure has to offer. Components can be hosted locally or in the cloud allowing for the best of both worlds.

CA+ Architecture