Non-Aeronautical Revenues

As with any other business, airports continuously seek to increase operational profitability and efficiency. As competition increases, and partners and stakeholders shift their business model to meet new market trends, some airports struggle to keep their business profitable.

With an average of 39.4% of global airports’ revenues deriving from the non-aeronautical sector, and its increasing profitability vis-à-vis the aeronautical sector, it’s no wonder that many airports are turning to this US$63.5bn industry to increase overall airport profitability (Source: 2018 ACI Airport Economics Report).

Non-aeronautical revenues continue to be a vital component of an airport’s bottom line. This source of revenue tends to generate higher net profit margins, whilst providing airports with more diversification of income streams which then serve as an additional cushion during economic downturns where passenger numbers may drop or passenger spend may decrease in one area or other.

Globally, the retail concessions, car parking and property revenue streams lead the way. Retail and F&B are also experiencing the highest growth rates as a revenue stream, although we do find regional differences.

Non-Aeronautical Revenue Distribution

Generating commercial revenues

Faced with a shifting paradigm in the business model, airports are distributing their focus from a strictly aeronautical standpoint to fulfilling an increasing demand in non-aeronautical services which their infrastructure and positioning well allows them to do. As the non-aeronautical revenue stream grows and provides new dividends, a need to measure, manage and influence its performance, becomes imperative to ensure the profitability of a newly diversified income portfolio.

CA+ is a tool that enables airports to measure, manage, control and improve non-aeronautical revenues. It provides the opportunity to improve controls and reduce the delay in data analysis, increasing agility and responsiveness to trends. It also equips airports with a deeper understanding of performance figures when negotiating with both airlines and concessions, enabling them to obtain more favourable rates and focus on developing those routes that generate better revenue opportunities. Armed with a real-time understanding of their business, commercial teams can be refocused from data collection to data analysis and business development, optimising the retail mix and conversion. Digital advertising can be taken to a whole new level, with shorter campaigns targeting specific passengers and flights with real time sales results available for analysis immediately. Click here to learn more about the solution >>