CA+ acquired by Gentrack

April 25, 2017

GentrackCA Plus Limited, developers of the Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) solution for the improvement of non-aeronautical revenues within airports, has today announced that Gentrack Group Ltd (GTK), has agreed to acquire CA Plus subject to certain final conditions, and that closing is targeted for 30 April.

Gentrack is listed on the New Zealand and Australian Stock Exchanges.  CA Plus will form a part of their airport division including Airport 20/20 and Blip Systems AS, the Denmark based world leader in passenger flow, queue prediction and capacity forecasting software, also acquired by Gentrack today.

Airport 20/20Gentrack has acquired 75% of CA Plus Limited from Shireburn Co Ltd with a three year performance based price for the remaining 25% and creates a strong alignment of interest to continue to drive growth.

Airports will gain significant operational benefits through a direct link and integration between the Airport 20/20 operational systems, passenger flow and non-aeronautical systems, all supported by the same team.

CA+ is the market leading non-aeronautical revenue management system for airports, with installations in Europe, Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean. It comprises a holistic and modular solution for airport concession management including the management of contracts, property and utilities, as well as revenue calculation and billing, all through an online portal. CA+ also enables airports to automate many of the processes that are today done manually, such as collecting sales data from concessions for analysis in the CA+ BI Portal.

Gentrack is a global leader in the development, implementation and support of specialist software for airports and utilities companies. Its airport division, offers Airport 20/20, a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions that are engineered to optimise an airport’s operations including Flight Information Displays, Resource Management, Aeronautical Billing, Airport Operational Database and Collaborative Decision Making solutions, enabling streamlined airport information flows which transform the passenger experience. Airport 20/20 has 73 airport customers worldwide including Hong Kong, JFK T1, Newark Liberty, Sydney, Finavia, Melbourne and Santiago.

“The combined Airport 20/20 and CA+ product offering is well positioned for global growth, capitalising on the increasing need for airports to grow their non-aeronautical business – a revenue stream that accounts for a large percentage of airport profitability and on which airports continue to rely heavily in order to run their operations” said John de Giorgio, CEO of CA Plus.

Gentrack has also acquired 79.81% of Blip Systems AS , a world leader in passenger flow, queue prediction and capacity forecasting software using video, wifi and Bluetooth sensors to track passenger movement, monitor waiting times and predict congestion points for airports.  The combination of Airport 20/20, CA+ and Blip provide a formidable set of solutions to the global airport industry.