CA+ wins international award for revenue generation for airports

December 3, 2017

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CA+ wins international award
Part of the CA+ Team celebrating their award win.
Left to right:
Melvin Caruana, Support and Implementation Analyst, Julienne Cachia Musu, Head of Project Implementation, Joel Farrugia, Project Coordinator, Chris Warrington, Vice President – Gentrack Global Airports Division, John de Giorgio, Director, Charles Mifsud, Manager – Software Development, Rebecca Calleja, Marketing Executive

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) is proud to announce that it has scooped up the International Airport Review Revenue Generation Award. As a concession management tool it provides airports with a platform to better manage their non-aeronautical operations, providing more automation, control and insight, leading airports to achieve better financial results.

CA+ automates the collection of detailed sales data from concessions, whilst providing a centralised platform for contracts management, as well as facilities for property and space management. CA+ fully automates the airport revenue calculation process, which is typically based on fixed rents and revenue shares from concessions. This data and more is then processed in a Business Intelligence module that provides airports with a deeper level of real time insight into their non-aero business.

“It is undoubtedly a great achievement for the team to obtain recognition for all the hard work that goes into creating and supporting a world class solution that makes a difference to airports’ revenues and economic sustainability. It has been quite a journey for the CA+ team who have excelled in providing an innovative revenue generation solution for airports worldwide.” commented John de Giorgio, Director, CA Plus Ltd.

“This award underscores why Gentrack acquired CA+, an innovative platform that is defining new methods of generating additional revenue within airports today. It is precisely this style of innovation that is critical to Gentrack’s Airport Division, as we build out our operational platform for tomorrow’s airports.” said Chris Warrington, VP for Gentrack’s Airport Division.

The International Airport Awards were drawn from over 130 entrants who submitted airport projects and solutions in one of 9 award categories. An overwhelming 77,000 votes were received from the global airport community. Finalists were reviewed by an independent judging panel comprised of members of the International Airport Review editorial advisory board. Winners were announced in the special 20th Anniversary November issue of International Airport Review.

Airports across the globe are already reaping the benefits of CA+, automating many of the manual processes involved in managing concessions, improving efficiencies, and gaining the insight required to help concessions to prosper within their airports. Due to the scalability of the solution, airports of all sizes on all continents have seen the ROI on CA+.

CA+ provides an overall improvement in the commercial management of an airport, enabling more efficient automation of sales data collection, contract management and analysis, replacing much of the spreadsheet and manual input of data that today dominates most airport commercial teams, while also collecting more detailed data.

Airports are welcome to discuss improving their non-aeronautical revenues by requesting an online demo by emailing

About CA+

CA+ is the ground-breaking solution for controlling, managing and boosting airport non-aeronautical revenues. CA+ provides facilities to manage concession and property contracts, automate billing, capture detailed sales data, and incorporates a business intelligence and reporting platform that enables airports to obtain insights into their sales patterns to boost revenues and performance.

CA Plus Ltd forms part of the Gentrack Group, together with Airport 20/20 and Blip Systems, adding value to the airport market.

About Gentrack

Gentrack provides essential software for essential services, pairing powerful platforms with deep market knowledge to help utilities and airports lower service costs, foster innovation and confidently navigate market reform. Gentrack employs over 430 people in offices across New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe and services over 200 utility and airport sites in 20 countries with its leading solutions including Gentrack Velocity, Junifer, Airport 20/20, BlipTrack and Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+)

Airport 20/20, BlipTrack and CA+ provide a comprehensive solution suite engineered to connect and unlock the value of airport operational, revenue, concession and passenger data. This real-time insight enables airports to run a more efficient operation, uncover new growth opportunities and build an outstanding traveller experience.

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