CA+ partners with Compliance Systems Ltd for Caribbean Airports

August 17, 2015

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Compliance Systems LtdConcessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+), the software solution that helps airports to control, manage and boost their non-aeronautical revenues, has partnered with Compliance Systems Ltd (CSL), a subsidiary of Corporate Dynamics, headquartered in Trinidad, to distribute CA+ within the Caribbean region. CSL is a long standing technology services provider in the Caribbean. Through this agreement, airports in this region can now benefit from local support for the better control and management of their vital concession-based revenues.

Airports using the CA+ software solution benefit from increased control and auditing of concessionaire sales data. CA+ also provides a BI platform that enables airports to analyse sales performance with a view to improvement, as well as automate revenue calculation and billing. These revenues are crucial to airport profitability and operators are becoming increasingly reliant upon them in order to sustain operations.

“This strategic partnership with CSL allows us to offer airports in the Caribbean, improved levels of local support, implementation and consulting in the region. We are already working with the CSL team on a number of high value projects within the region, and have been impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the team. We look forward to expanding our opportunities in this region” said John de Giorgio, CEO of CA+.

“CA+ is an innovative world-first solution that caught our attention, both because of its uniqueness, relevancy to the airport market in our region, and the immense potential that we see in partnering with this company. The high levels of controls and overall better management processes provided by CA+, are key to the improved performance of many airports in the Caribbean,” commented Daniel Jackson, Executive Manager of CSL.

CA+ is already being implemented in St Maarten and is currently in discussions with a wide range of other airports in the region.

About Concessionaire Analyzer+

Concessionaire Analyzer+ is the leading solution for controlling, managing and boosting airport and mall concession-based revenues and provides facilities to capture detailed sales data, manage concession contracts, automate billing as well as incorporate a business intelligence and reporting platform to obtain insights into their sales patterns to help boost performance.

About Compliance Systems Ltd

CSL is an IT Solutions and Services company that specialises in the practical application of technology in order to assist is their customers in achieving maximum efficiency and security. The technical solutions delivered by CSL are designed to help their clients retain revenue and secure their company’s assets. Specialist business sectors for CSL include Aviation, Banking and Private Equity, Education and Public Service.