Connecting to a Remote Meeting

Click on link to get startedYour CA+ representative will send you an invitation via email that will contain the following:

  • Meeting Link: This link will automatically open a webpage that allows you to download TeamViewer© if it’s not already installed, or open TeamViewer© if it has been previously installed.
  • Meeting ID: The Meeting ID allows you to connect to your CA+ remote meeting.
  • Password: The Password adds a layer of security, allowing you to identify yourself before connecting to the meeting.

To get started click on the meeting link in the email.

Click save and then install

If you have TeamViewer installed, it will open automatically. If you haven’t previously installed TeamViewer©, you will be prompted to download it. Click Save and then Install.

Once installed, TeamViewer© will automatically attempt to log you in using the Meeting ID provided in the email, and will prompt you for your password. Enter the password provided in the email and click on Log On. 

Enter password





TeamViewer© will then connect to the meeting.

Once connected, TeamViewer© will display the CA+ Representative’s computer screen and the ‘TeamViewer© Panel’ which shows participants and meeting options.

Sounds Settings: 

18-12-2014 15-40-28If you are having sound issues, kindly follow the troubleshooting tips below.

Ensure that the right audio devices have been selected. Click on the cog next to Audio as highlighted in the screenshot.

From the TeamViewer© options window, click on the drop-down menu for Speakers and Microphone to ensure you have the right devices selected.

Under Voice playback press the play button. If you hear a jingle you have the right device enabled.

Under Voice input, you should see the Signal slider move with your voice when you speak into your microphone.

Click OK to save.


18-12-2014 15-39-59






Attention-Mark-GreyBy default, the microphone is muted and needs to be un-muted to be able to participate in the meeting. 

Kindly click on the microphone icon as highlighted in red below to UN-MUTE your microphone.