London City Airport

London City Airport (LCY) chose the Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) software solution to manage its non-aeronautical operations.

LCY uses CA+ to improve its sales data collection processes so as to enable more efficient automation of contract management and analysis, replacing much of the spreadsheet and manual input of data that today dominates most airport commercial teams.

Hugo Boss outlet at LCY
Retail concessions at London City Airport

CA+ allows LCY to obtain better insights on their sales patterns and to work with concessionaires to evaluate their performance.

LCY fully automates the process of collecting detailed sales data from concessionaires as well as flight details from their operational systems and use the CA+ Business Intelligence platform to correlate sales with flight data as well as other operational information. This enables LCY to measure and analyse sales performance through a number of dashboards and reports on the fly, providing better insights into their sales patterns in order to optimise its retail and food & beverage operations and performance.

Award-winning LCY, situated on the east side of London, and the only airport to be situated actually in London, is a fast growing airport dedicated to providing routes and services essential to the needs of the business traveller. Its proximity to central London makes it a focal transportation point for those wishing to obtain quick access to London’s financial, business, government and main shopping districts. In 2015, airport passenger numbers exceeded 4 million and this number is expected to rapidly grow over the coming years.