Retail Analytics

Insight is the key factor that has helped the e-commerce  sector grow so quickly. With reams of data collected in real-time, online retailers can adapt their strategy on the fly, grabbing customers’ loyalty and market share.

‘Big data’, where every data point, no matter how small, is collected, recorded and analysed, has given operators unprecedented insight into customers’ spending habits and patterns.


Malls BI ScreensCA+ provides mall operators with an extensive Retail Analytics platform integrating multiple data points including sales data, visitor numbers and loyalty schemes.

This extremely rich dataset allows CA+ to run real-time Business Intelligence dashboards covering every facet of your shopping centre, from spend per visitor to purchasing trends and sales comparison.

The CA+ Business Intelligence engine gives mall operators the option to allow concessions to measure the success of their efforts against their market segment through a number of built-in and custom BI reports designed with the shopping mall industry in mind.

CA+ BI reports are highly configurable, allowing new reports to be generated as needed for a truly flexible approach to your business insight needs.