Multi-Modal Sales Data Collection

Collecting accurate sales data from individual sales points, across all concessions within your mall, provides the platform for critical insight into the operational success of your shopping centre, whether operating on a rent-only, revenue-share or hybrid model.

By providing this foundation CA+ allows you to understand the underlying spending trends and make strategic analysis and better targeted campaigns to increase sales.

CA+ is an automated solution requiring minimal administrative effort and provides a true, clear picture of sales, in real-time, allowing mall operators to optimise the retail mix and distribution of outlets within their premises. It provides the required information to analyse trends, segment customers and extract valuable data points to increase footfall and sales.

By accurately capturing concession sales data, shopping centres can link customers to their respective transactions and in return, offer a highly personalised experience.

CA+ provides a choice of data collection methods for malls and concessions to choose from, ranging from fully automated to manual, to suit any IT infrastructure.

CA+ Portal UploadCA+ Portal Upload options allow manual upload of sales data through the CA+ Portal, via Excel upload or manual input of sales totals. Whilst this is the most labour-intensive approach, it offers the flexibility to meet the requirements of incompatible setups or small retail operations.

CA+ CaptureCA+ Capture is an efficient, smart utility that installs on any POS, capturing receipt data as it is being printed. Using pre-defined layouts, it is able to parse key data, which is automatically and securely captured for storage and analysis. Mall operators can then analyse this valuable sales data without having to implement a standard POS for all retailers. Click here to view receipt sample image.

CA+ InterfaceCA+ Interface allows retailers’ IT teams to export sales and related data from their systems, and submit this data in a defined format for automated and scheduled uploading to CA+. This ensures the automated data capture of detailed sales data without any user intervention, ensuring consistency and compliance.

CA+ CollectCA+ Collect can be configured to allow the scheduled importation of data from industry standard POS export files. Data is automatically collected at scheduled intervals at an agreed detail level without any user intervention, ensuring consistency and compliance, without changing any existing processes.

CA+ POSCA+ POS is our very own POS solution POS solution packed with high-end functionality and native CA+ support, for both retail and catering establishments. This is an alternative suitable for retailers who do not have an IT system.