Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) deployed Concessionaire Analyzer+ to enable them to better manage, maximize and boost airport non-aeronautical revenues.

Using CA+, SXM is able to better understand sales patterns with the aim of maximizing performance both for the concessions themselves and for the airport.

The combination of sales data with passenger numbers extracted from the airport’s data systems allows the airport to compare revenue per passenger by product category, concession, date, terminal, zone and a wide range of other useful metrics. This insight allows Princess Juliana to adjust its retail mix to reflect demand and to improve negotiations with concessions and airlines.

SXM also utilise the commercial contract management, revenue calculation and billing automation functions of CA+. By inputting the contract features into the system, including revenue shares and any additional charges, billing becomes automated based on the sales data collected by the system.