PTE 2017: All aboard for improved commercial revenues

February 17, 2017

by Rebecca Calleja
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2017Celebrating its 20th anniversary, PTE 2017 promises to surpass all expectations from previous years, with what looks like their biggest show ever, being organised in RAI Amsterdam, from March 14 till 16.

As an airport solution provider for the non-aeronautical / commercial sector, there are not many annual events that focus on the commercial aspect of the aviation industry, even though this continues to be pivotal in the airport profitability debate.

So just briefly looking at the ever increasing Commercial Track at PTE is satisfying to begin with, as it means that more airports around the world are wanting to share ideas and experiences on how they can maximise the potential of their non-aeronautical streams.

Commercial, Concessions, Retail and Media Conference Track

CA+ at PTE 2016
CA+ exhibiting at PTE 2016, Cologne

The Commercial – Concessions, Retail & Media conference track can be accessed below for each day:

Discussions will focus on new ways of increasing revenues and the ongoing evolution of this sector, insights into travel retail, airport branding, and how the digital era impacts all of this and more.

Commercial Revenue Management Solution

You can talk to any of our team members on booth 9070 at PTE, or you can contact us before then for an online presentation/demo of how we help airports better manage and improve the performance of their non-aeronautical sector.

We do this through 5 main areas:

  1. Automated collection of concession sales data providing various technical options for the collection of transactional level sales data
  2. Improved commercial contract management through an online portal that holds all relevant contract details
  3. Better property and utilities management through an online portal that calculates all relevant charges
  4. Automated revenue calculation and billing based on contract terms, be they revenue share based, rent or a combination of the two
  5. Insightful business intelligence, reporting and dashboards to help you and your team better understand your non-aero performance in real time.

Watch the video about CA+ or follow what we thought of PTE 2016.

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About Passenger Terminal Expo

Over the past 19 years, the annual Passenger Terminal Expo has firmly established itself as the most highly regarded airport terminal conference in the world, with delegates ranging from managers and their teams to CEOs from 90+ countries.

The conference offers the opportunity to address key issues affecting developments, share views, exchange ideas, benefit from the experiences of peers, and seek innovation and solutions.

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Rebecca is the Marketing Executive for Concessionaire Analyzer+

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