Drive Growth. Boost Efficiency.

In many ways, shopping malls are the heart and soul of many communities and the foundation of retail economies worldwide. They are an entertainment space for families and individuals alike, with many malls branching out into more than just traditional retail, focusing more on customer experience.

The e-commerce revolution and the rise of digital technologies are pushing mall operators to seek to better manage their properties, drive growth and boost efficiency.

How malls can benefitCA+ enables malls to achieve this with better control of their operations, increasing automation and productivity. It also provides the much needed insight and analytics for malls to be able to truly know their customers, their business, and ultimately increase


CA+ provides malls with a platform that automates and streamlines manual processes, saving time and adding value to the bottom line. CA+ has the capability to free mall management teams from much of the administration work that burdens them, freeing them up to be able to dedicate resources to focus on strategic efforts and proactive strategies.

With CA+, malls are able to automate management processes such as:
• Sales data collection from concessions
• Data monitoring
• Data analysis
• Contract management
• Billing

Monitor, Validate, Audit and Control

CA+ offers mall operators a highly interactive, operations monitoring solution, adding a layer of control to the data collection process and more. This offers ample time to redirect any marketing efforts that might not be reaching their maximum potential.

Data submission within CA+ is subject to stringent validation rules to ensure data consistency and accuracy. Validation criteria include measures against double entries, incorrect totals, data validity, invalid stock codes and tax codes, amongst others.

The automated data capture methods within CA+ also enable shopping mall operators to better audit and control the sales data reported to them. Malls are better able to control and audit all reported sales, mitigating under-reporting issues and any system abuse that might take place.

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