The Point Shopping Mall

CA+ was chosen to manage a large retail facility, The Point Shopping Mall, located in prime shopping location in Sliema, Malta – Europe.

The project includes the management of more than 50 retail and F&B concessionaires, all of whom have their sales data directly connect to the company’s Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA) mall software through the CA+ Interface. This allows management to collect real time sales data from concessions, and use this for reporting purposes.

The Point Shopping MallCA+ is designed to automate many of the processes that are required to manage large shopping malls, airports and franchises with multiple outlets, aiming to reduce manual intervention, eliminate the use of spreadsheets, and enable a more efficient method of operating while providing greater insight.

By using CA+, management are able to automatically collect detailed sales data from all point-of-sales into one single multi-user portal and provide insight that will enable them to optimise the performance of all the outlets in the mall.  These include sales data from all retail and food and beverage outlets, the majority of which work on a rent and/or revenue share based fee.

With built-in contract management, revenue share calculation and billing, management, mall management teams are able to assess sales and revenues far quicker than ever before, and issue billing to outlets accordingly. Sales data can be collected in real time, allowing in depth Business Intelligence (BI) analysis through an intuitive portal.

CA+ improves the management of all processes and helps to improve insight, enabling it to further boost the performance of the concessions within large and small shopping mall complexes.